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Warm in One Thermal Wetsuits
Happy Nappy Wetsuit
This award-winning special, fleece lined baby wetsuit is perfect for chilly pools, windy beaches or for children with very sensitive skin. Warm babies are happy swimmers; nothing is warmer than a Splash About Warm in One.

                                                   Size: 1 - 3 Month, 3 - 6 Month, 6 - 12 Month, 12 - 24 Month
Happy Nappy Wetsuit incorporating a full Happy Nappy. No need to wear a Happy Nappy underneath. With full upper body covering and long sleeves this unique product, saving you money as well as protecting against faecal leaks into pools.
                                     Size: 0 - 4 Month, 3 - 8 Month, 6 - 14 Month, 12 - 24 Month, Toddler +
Baby Swim Happy Nappy™
Happy Nappy Swim Board Short
These brand new Splash Jammers have been developed to support children and adults with faecal incontinence weakness or those who just need a bit longer to become secure after toilet training.
The New Improved Happy Nappy from Splash About, is the first ergonomic swim nappy ever created, maximizing security against faecal leaks through its form fitting, shape and design. 

                                   Size: 0 - 3 Month, 3 - 6 Month, 6 - 12 Month, 1 - 2 Years, 2 - 3 Years
Go Splash Float Jacket
The Splash About Go Splash Float Jacket is the perfect starter float jacket made from great quality materials but at a great price. With 8 adjustable floats and UPF50+ Sun Protection.